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10 Mysteries One Piece Might Never Resolve

Mysteries One Piece Might Never Resolve

One Piece is at last making a beeline for its end. The series has taken an unexpected turn after the consummation of the Wano Nation Circular segment, with more tight, more brief composition and a reestablished center around wrapping up the story lastly offering fans a few responses to the series’ extraordinary secrets.

Eiichiro Oda has at last chosen, after over 20 years of devoting as long as he can remember to One Piece, that the time has come to end the series and make another life for himself. Be that as it may, in his desire as a creator, he might have taken on too much all at once. Attainably, a portion of the more minor subplots, characters, and secrets presented will be passed on by the wayside for Oda to meet his objective of completing the story inside the following five years.


Tashigi’s Appearance

Tashigi's Appearance

A plot point that has stunned fans is the presence of Tashigi. The Loguetown Curve presented the sword fixated Marine, who looks similar to Zoro’s late lifelong companion, Kuina. The story significance of this, as well as Tashigi’s definitive reason in the story stays muddled, and fans long for a legitimate clarification.

There have always been debates on whether Kuina actually died by “falling down the stairs,” which have only fueled theories that Tashigi is actually Kuina or potentially a long-lost twin. As the series has gone on, Oda has given no indication that he plans to wrap up this plot thread, and fans will likely forever wonder about the truth about Tashigi.


Kid & Killer’s Unknown Backstories

Kid & Killer's Unknown Backstories

Of the relative multitude of cosmic explosions, Eustass Youngster is introduced as the nearest thing Luffy has to an opponent. Kid is the chief of the main other privateer team to flaunt two individuals the Most terrible Age, the Youngster Privateers. Youngster and Executioner are displayed to have a profound youth bond that has provoked fans’ curiosity in regards to their history.

Eiichiro Oda as of late gave a brief history for the two in a SBS, which made fans’ hearts sink as they understood that Oda probably wouldn’t have the option to squeeze it into the fundamental story. While less convincing cosmic explosions, for example, Bege have gotten the opportunity for more screen time to investigate their history and inspiration, Youngster and Executioner might be a setback from Oda’s excessively aggressive narrating.


The Father Of Makino’s Baby

The Father Of Makino's Baby

The cover story of chapter 614 of the One Piece manga revealed that at some point during the time skip, Makino had a baby. Makino has never been shown to be married or in any kind of serious relationship, but there is one character that fans believe could plausibly be the baby’s father: Shanks.

Shanks has remained one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece, with fans unsure of what his fate will be at the end of the series. Oda may choose not to address the father of Makino’s baby, or he may give Shanks his own happily ever after with his new family.


Captain John’s Treasure

Captain John's Treasure

Chief John was a notorious privateer of the One Piece world and a previous individual from the Stones Privateers team. John figured out how to assemble an amazing fortune for himself, and keeping in mind that he was in the end killed by his own group for his ravenousness and self-centeredness, his team never figured out how to track down his fortune.

Buggy The Clown has spent much of the story fiending after Captain John’s treasure, after receiving a treasure marker from Luffy at Impel Down. Oda rarely writes subplots that don’t play some role in the overarching story, especially with Captain John being revealed as a Rocks Pirate and notable figure, and fans wonder if his treasure will be revealed before the end of the series.


The Florian Triangle Monsters

The Florian Triangle Monsters

A significant number of One Piece’s outlandish areas are enlivened by genuine districts, and One Piece even has its own Bermuda Triangle, known as the Florian Triangle. The triangle is covered with thick haze sufficiently thick to totally obstruct the sun, making it difficult to tell whether it is night or day. To make this neighborhood considerably more vile, certain gigantic and unidentified substances were displayed to stay inside the puzzling waters.

Fans have guessed for a really long time about the real essence of these beasts. While Oda will in general make everything about the One Piece world count, he might have likewise implied for this secret to remain a secret and save the vile feel of the Florian Triangle.


The Tequila Wolf Bridge

The Tequila Wolf Bridge

The Sabaody Archipelago Curve highlighted the principal significant loss of the Straw Cap Privateers, bringing about Kuma sending each Straw Cap to an alternate place where they stayed to prepare during the series’ two-year time skip. Generally, the subtleties of each Straw Cap’s experience have stayed a secret, however Oda has still dropped a couple of fascinating pieces of legend to a great extent.

Nico Robin was sent some place in the East Blue, where she found out about the Tequila Wolf Extension, which has apparently been under development for the beyond 700 years. The extension hasn’t been referenced since, yet fans can’t quit considering what its motivation is and which two islands it is intended to interface. Generally, Oda makes reference to nothing without reason and fans trust he will uncover the solutions to Tequila Wolf in the end.


Six Moons

Six Moons

The library of Ohara contains a lifelike model of the One Piece world and what has all the earmarks of being six separate moons circling around it, which has provoked fans’ curiosity as there is just ever one moon displayed in the One Piece sky. As the moon and its potential occupants were given a spotlight during the Skypeia Bend and Enel’s following main story, the moon has since turned into the driving wellspring of numerous One Piece hypotheses.

While Oda is known for his unpretentious clues and fantastic anticipating skills, fans additionally will generally excessively add something extra to little subtleties. One Piece has brilliant and profoundly nitty gritty worldbuilding that makes the series’ numerous secrets all the really captivating, and fans puzzle over whether the lifelike model in Ohara holds an importance that presently can’t seem to be uncovered.


Crocodile’s Mysterious Secret

Crocodile's Mysterious Secret

Crocodile has been a fan-most loved bad guy since his presentation, and his prevalence has gotten through from that point onward. His return in Affect Down was met with much fervor from fans, and his possible future job in the story has been profoundly expected since.

At the point when Crocodile made a proposal to help Luffy’s getaway from Affect Down, Ivankov referenced he knew something about the previous Warlord that would hold him within proper limits. Fans have gone wild estimating what this could be, with a well known hypothesis being that Crocodile had profited from Ivankov’s orientation trading capacities. This has never been referred to since, however ideally, Oda have the opportunity to address this again before the series closes.


Luffy’s Mom

Luffy's Mom

Fans have been kicking the bucket to know the character of Luffy’s mom for quite a while. Speculations range from the silly (Crocodile) to the scarcely conceivable (a Marine or even a divine mythical serpent), yet Oda has given practically no clue with respect to her actual character. Fans have trusted that she will at last be uncovered alongside Winged serpent’s origin story.

Uncovering the character of Luffy’s mom is ostensibly excessive for the finish of the story. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t prevent fans from being interested. There are likewise speculations that Mythical beast isn’t really Garp’s child, however a child in-regulation, which suggests that Garp’s little girl is truly Luffy’s mom.


Zoro’s Backstory

Zoro's Backstory

Of all the Straw Cap Privateers, Roronoa Zoro presumably has the most un-itemized history. Oda gave Zoro a brief origin story itemizing his companionship with Kuina and fantasy about turning into the World’s Most noteworthy Fighter, and as the series has proceeded, there have been many clues that there is something else to Zoro’s origin story and heredity.

After Entire Cake Island found opportunity to investigate Sanji’s history in a lot more prominent profundity, fans trusted Wano would offer a similar chance to Zoro. In the wake of referencing the extraordinary likeness among Zoro and Shimotsuki Ushimaru, fans thought this was for sure the course Oda was going, yet it was at no point ever raised in the future. Wano finished with fans feeling disappointed when it came to Zoro’s story and worried that Wano was the a single opportunity to investigate it further.

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