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Yen Press Announces Ize Press
A New Imprint Dedicated to Korean Content

Yen Press Announces Ize Press

What You Need to Know:

Ize Press, a new imprint devoted to Korean content, was introduce by Yen Press at Sakura-Con 2022 during the Yen Press Industry Panel. Ize Press, a partnership between Yen Press, REDICE Studio, and RIVERSE, will become a market leader for print versions of content that has piqued the interest and devotion of readers all over the world.

Beginning with English-language editions of HYBE’s own IP-based “original tale” webnovels and webcomics from K-pop royalty BTS (7FATES: CHAKHO), ENHYPEN (DARK MOON), and TXT, Ize opens in Fall 2022 with an all-star lineup of titles (THE STAR SEEKERS). These three films receive more than 70 million views in a single month after being initially publish in 10 languages on WEBTOON Worldwide Service.

Ize will also publish the popular favourites Villains Are Destined to Die, My Gently Raised Beast, The Boxer, The World After the Fall, Tomb Raider King, and The World After the Fall. For more information on these launch titles, see the section below.

Regarding the new imprint, Kurt Hassler, Publisher & Managing Director of Yen Press, noted that there has been an outsized rapacity for Korean content in recent years. There seems to be no end to the effect Korean innovators will exert on foreign audiences, from K-pop to film and television to current webcomics and books.

Yen has always believed in the power of Korean content, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to get the chance to really open up the doors to put these lovely books in the hands of English-language readers, said JuYoun Lee, the Deputy Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Yen Press, who is leading the initiative. With the opening of Ize Press, we hope to do our small bit in bridging the gap between these incredibly gifted musicians and their followers.


HYBE created this

Using BTS

The engaging tale, a collaboration with BTS, follows seven young guys who are destin for each other. They had to unite as a group of seven after going through many difficulties as a group as they grew up in order to fulfil their destiny. The Chakhogapsa tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea served as the inspiration for 7FATES: CHAKHO, an urban fantasy novella set in the near future. The tale reimagines traditional Korean tiger tales and a mythological world of wild animals through HYBE’s imagination.


HYBE created this


The plot, which combines urban fantasy with teen romance, centres on the conflict, misunderstandings, and passion between a pack of werewolves, a group of vampires, and a fascinating girl with a secret. Starting with DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR, the story of DARK MOON is recount as a collection of short stories. The teen romance genre is give a new sense of levity and vitality by Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, which also features a heroine with extraordinary talents, young friendships, and a significant secret.


HYBE created this

Together, TOMORROW X (TXT)

In THE STAR SEEKERS, a group of young guys in a pop band are follow as they navigate life in a world where magic is a common occurrence. The party learns they have hidden magical skills when they awaken one day. This amazing story includes magic, fantastical creatures, and an entertaining look at the entertainment industry.

Tomb Raider King

work of 3B2S

Novel written by SAN.G

The year 2025 saw the global appearance of enigmatic tombs, each containing an artefact from antiquity endowed with supernatural powers. The select few who were quick to acquire these artefacts held control over potent monopolies. Jooheon Suh, a raider who hid in tombs to steal artifacts, was one of those who came to serve them. Jooheon is betray by his employer and left to perish, but instead wakes up fifteen years in the past. Does Jooheon possess the skills necessary to succeed as the Tomb Raider King? He has years of raiding experience and is aware of what is to come in the world of relics.

The World After the Fall

S-Cynan modified it

Undead Potato’s artwork

Novelization by singNsong

From the authors of Omniscient Reader comes a new series. One day a tower appeared in the sky, shining as a sign of mayhem and the end of the world. Until the Stone of Regression found, a valiant and strong group known as Walkers cleared the tower floors to save humanity. Now that walkers could “return” to the past, everyone left gradually. Carpe Diem, a group of survivors who refuse to give up on the world and stood in for humanity’s last hope, was form by the brave few who persisted. However, when the final Walker arrived at floor 100,

He was unsure of what to believe anymore.

The Boxer

He lacks the same thirst for superiority that motivates all people. Yu is a mysterious man who seems to have no joy or purpose in life. With the exception of his superhuman athletic prowess, the young man’s entire persona is a mystery to those around him. Coach K cannot ignore Yu because he possesses the rhythm, grace, and power of the best fighters in the pound-for-pound division. As Coach K works to make Yu the greatest boxer of all time, he takes the young prodigy under his wing and together they shock the boxing world, one match at a time. But why does Yu keep stepping into the ring…?

My Gently Raised Beast

Yeoseulki’s artwork

Early Flower’s first novel

With only a memento from her deceased mother—one that demonstrates she is the child of the emperor of Ates—the orphaned Blondina leads a difficult life on the streets. Blondina relocates from the streets to the royal palace, where she leads a solitary life. until she makes a friend with Amon, a brazen and aloof cat. Amon not only speaks, but he also transforms into a cute boy! Amon is actually a powerful member of the Divine Leopard Clan, a group of powerful demi-humans who frequently oppose humanity. He is not just some ordinary cat. Will their disagreements prevent them from remaining friends?

The Remarried Empress

Sumpul’s artwork

  • She spent her youth discussing the empire they would create together with Navier Ellie Trovi, the emperor of the Eastern Empire’s lifelong companion.
  • She was brave, compassionate, and intelligent.
  • She was the ideal empress of the Eastern Empire until the day Sovieshu started demanding a divorce after falling in love with another woman.

But it was Navier who uttered the chilling words, “I accept this divorce… and request an approval of my remarriage,” leaving his beloved mistress Sovieshu and the court speechless.

Villains Are Destined to Die

By Gwon Gyeoeul Original Novel

Ivonne, the long-lost daughter of the duke, is the player’s character in Daughter of the Duke Love Project!’s Easy Mode. She quickly wins the attention of the game’s various male characters. very simple You take control of Penelope Eckhart, a villain in Hard Mode who poses as the fake daughter of the duke and begins her journey with a low affection rating. very difficult…and full of horrifying deaths? One misunderstood girl who is yearning for love realises she shares many traits with Penelope and keeps trying to give Penelope her happy ending. When she passes out and wakes up in the hostile game world as Penelope, she give one more chance!

The launch titles for Ize Press will soon have their release dates announced on Ize Press social media. For up-to-date news, subscribe to Ize Press and Yen Press.

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